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Medium Voltage Cables – XLPE

Unity Cables is a leading cable company that provides medium voltage cables.


  • Cables are designed to carry high earth fault currents comparable with system symmetrical fault currents.
  • 3-core Type A cables are supplied with galvanised steel wire armouring.
  • Single-core cables are normally supplied armoured with a single layer of aluminium wires.


Cables are designed to carry limited earth fault currents of 1 000 A for one second.
Higher currents may be carried where the total earth fault clearance time is less than one second, provided that the product of the square
of the current in amperes and the clearance time in seconds does not exceed 106


  • Conductor – aluminium or copper
  • Conductor screen – extruded semi-conductive layer integral
  • Insulation – XLPE
  • Core screen – extruded free strippable semiconductive layer
  • Semi-conductive numbered tape*
  • Metallic earth screen – copper tape(s)
  • Fillers – pre-formed plastic material*
  • Binder tape
  • Inner sheath (bedding)
  • Armouring (Steel wire or Aluminium wire)
  • Outer sheath


*Other materials may be used when required.

**Core identification: alternatively printed numbers on each core -1,2 and 3 .

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